Slime mold culture kit - Special Experiments

Slime mold culture kit - Special Experiments

Slime mold culture kit - Special Experiments


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Precautions :

- Store sclerotia in a dark and dry place.
- Close your petri dishes after manipulating your cultures to prevent substrate from drying.

A slime mold, also known as Physarum Polycephalum, is a species belonging to myxomycetes. It cannot be classified amongst vegetals, animals nor fungi and belongs to the protista kingdom. It may be found in nature, usually in undergrowth and moist environments. It forms an unique cell visible to the naked eye.

Its learning abilities are experimented on in labs. It moves to find food sources, can be divided in several parts that turn into new slime molds or merge with other slime molds.

This version extends our Discovery kit and contains more culture tools. It also allows you to make 8 experiments:

- Plasmodium coloration
- Maze
- Pseudopodia networks
- Vertical culture
- Aversive substances
- Other food sources
- Agar-agar custard
- U shaped trap

In order to store your kit longer, it's offered with empty petri dishes.

The small eyedroppers on the top of aversive substances' bottles increase their sealing. You may either keep them in place to pour substances drop by drop or remove them to use a big eyedropper instead.

Kit wrapped in its shipping box for an optimal protection.