What is a slime mold?

Slime molds, also known as Physarum Polycephalum, are unicellular cells visible to the naked eye. They're not plants, animals not fungi and are classified amongst protista kingdom.

They can be found in nature, usually in undergrowth or moist environments, where they mainly feed on bacteria, spores, viruses and other microorganisms. They can reach sizes up to several square meters if they find enough food sources and moisture.

Their learning ability and behaviour are experimented on by scientists for several decades. They can move to feed, can be divided into several parts that will become autonomous or merge with other slime molds.

What is our range of products about slime molds?

We offer an "all in one" kit allowing you to cultivate and experiment on #slime molds, at home and safely. Our kit provides you a manual and every necessary tools to lead your own experiments. Moreover, a personal space will be available in the future to share your photos, commentaries and observations.

Who is it for?

To every person having interest and curiosity about this species and biology, who's willing to experiment on his/her own in a non-sterile environment.

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