Slime mold culture kit - Discovery

Slime mold culture kit - Discovery

Slime mold culture kit - Discovery

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Important for culture kit with prepared petri dish : to avoid drying or contamination of substrate in petri dish, it is advised to start your cultures within 2 days following the reception of your kit.

In any case, don't forget to close your petri dishes with their lids to limit drying substrates.

Sclerotia must be stored in a dry and dark place.

A slime mold, also known as Physarum Polycephalum, is a species belonging to myxomycetes. It cannot be classified amongst vegetals, animals nor fungi and belongs to the protista kingdom. It may be found in nature, usually in undergrowth and moist environments. It forms an unique cell visible to the naked eye.

Its learning abilities are experimented on in labs. It moves to find food sources, can be divided in several parts that turn into new slime molds or merge with other slime molds.
We offer you a "all in one" kit allowing you to cultivate a slime mold at home, using a manual and the necessary tools to lead your own experiments.

A personal interface in this website will be available in the future, where you will be able to share your pictures, commentaries and observations.

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